Endorse The Vision

Endorse the vision


Photograph overlooking Quail Ridge


If your organization shares our values and believes the University of California should take a leading role in shifting the economic system toward reciprocity and away from extraction, we would welcome your endorsement of our Transforming UC project.  

A full vision statement for the UC system will evolve from the UC Community Economies Convening. But your organization’s endorsement of the statement below will strengthen our position as we present our vision to the leadership on our campuses, the Office of the President, and local, state, and national leaders.

We are seeking endorsers for the following statement:
To fulfill its mission in the 21st century, the University of California must collaborate with frontline communities and Native Californian and California Indian individuals, groups, tribes, and nations to understand, promote, and demonstrate the power of community wealth building strategies such as community land trusts, worker, consumer, and housing cooperatives, sustainable local food systems, distributed renewable energy, community-based finance, and other initiatives that create ecological sustainability, economic justice, and local self-determination across California and beyond.

We welcome endorsements from organizations with and without affiliations with the UC system. To add your endorsement, email our co-chairs James Sirigotis, jsirigot@ucsc.edu or Katie Butterfield, kbutterfield@ucmerced.edu. Be sure to include information about your organization’s values, mission, and goals. If you have a website with this information, a link will be sufficient.

In the spirit of reciprocity, if you feel our endorsement of your vision or campaign will be beneficial, please contact us.